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Considering the anatomy of your home


 HVAC Mechanical Design

Our services focus on a design which will provide the homeowner a level of comfort throughout all seasons. And this includes designing the proper system. Every home is unique and deserves considerable planning when incorporating a heating and cooling system. When determining the best system for your home, we consider elements such as:

Location and vulnerability of elements to the home
Age and R-Values of existing homes
Proper ventilation of existing homes
Continuous ventilation with effective air distribution
It is important to acknowledge that whether the home is old or new, building an addition, remodelling, or installing a new HVAC mechanical system, proper ventilation is essential. Older homes may experience air leakage, inefficient windows, and an absence of ventilation equipment. Newer homes may also suffer from these elements due to the tightness of the construction of the home. An energy efficient and properly designed system provides you with comfort and control in your home; proper ventilation and filtration with fresh air distribution; the means to prevent the possibility of illnesses; reducing operating and maintenance costs; and an opportunity to increase the value of your home.

Mechanical System Layout

Type, location & size of equipment

Heat loss & heat gain calculations

Duct design or Radiant calculations

Mechanical ventilation calculations

Energy Efficiency Design Summary (EEDS) Form

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