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Who oversees the Residential Mechanical HVAC Permit?
The homeowner is the person responsible for submitting the permit application. A homeowner may assign responsibility to the builder, general contractor, or other agent to oversee the home project.
When do I submit the permit to the Building Department?
Once you have received all your required submittal forms and design data such as Mechanical System Layout and Mechanical Details as specified by each region in Ontario.
What factors are taken into consideration for the residential HVAC design?
Many factors are considered important when implementing the design, such as orientation and age of the house, insulation R-values, windows, and doors, or if it is a renovation or new build, just to name a few samples.
Are onsite meetings required?
A client’s requests, concerns and construction drawings help us initiate a project analysis that can establish feasibility, design execution, and determine onsite meetings if required.
What is needed to start the HVAC design process?
We request documents and drawings pertaining to the home project to be submitted to our office by email in PDF format.
Can existing ducts be kept in some areas?
Yes. In some cases where the ducts are not accessible, we will incorporate them or design new runs for better air flow.
How can we avoid bulk heads?
Depending on the design requirements in the home, sometimes bulkheads cannot be avoided. However, we work with the homeowner, designer/architect, and builder to try to keep areas with duct visibility minimal by locating risers behind cabinets or in closets and having the bulkheads in coffered ceilings or above shelving. Sometimes the ducts can be used as part of the architectural detail, such as spiral duct. A careful review and well thought out design will consider factors such as beams, joists, ceiling height, and Building Codes.
Will each area of the house have ventilation?
When professionally designed, every room will be properly ventilated with supply and return air.
What is the fee for a Mechanical HVAC Design?

Fees vary depending on whether it is a new construction or renovation, size of the home, location within Ontario and other details. Upon receiving the clients’ information, a quote will be provided via email for review and acceptance. Please contact us for a quote at 416 576 6510.

How does payment work at Fuzion HVAC Consulting and Design Inc.?

Payment is required prior to the release of the final HVAC Design package and payment is accepted by E-transfer. This is common practise and prevents any fraudulent use of the package.

Do you provide References?
Absolutely, we can submit a list of client references.